We don’t need to tell you that retail—any kind of retail—is a tough way to make a dollar. And every day it gets tougher; on-line competition... economic uncertainty... recruiting... volatile suppliers.

How are you going to face the challenges? Are you going to keep trying what isn’t working? Keep falling back into the same patterns that aren’t generating results? Keep watching money walk out your door? Keep hoping that something outside will change what’s happening inside? Or are you going to seize the chance to re-energize, re-orient, re-focus your business and your staff and grab some double-digit growth?

We can show you how. We’ve done it for hundreds just like you.

Metric Definitions

Square Feet: What is the TOTAL square feet of your retail store. Include everything you pay rent on—not just selling space. No commas please.

Daily Traffic Count: Even if you don't have an accurate measurement, what is your best estimate of your daily foot traffic, on average.

Daily Transactions: How many transactions go through your Point of Sale system every day, on average.

Annual Sales: What is your annual top line revenue. No commas please.

But the next step is yours. Nobody’s going to take it for you. You’ve got to call us.