10 Smart Retail Resolutions for 2014!

If you’re in brick & mortar retail,  you might be looking at 2014 with some anxiety. What ride is the economy going to take me on? How will e-commerce eat into my business? Is that smart phone my friend or foe? How will I inspire my management and sales team to new levels?

Here are 10 retail resolutions for you to consider:
  1. Implement a Strategic Plan (Budget, Vision, Mission)
  2. Invest in your employees for retention
  3. Identify and aggressively retain “A” players
  4. Implement a buying plan
  5. Reduce underperformance in process and staff
  6. Seek opportunities to find new customers
  7. Maximize and measure social media
  8. Creating your store to be a silent sales person
  9. Establish and maintain a strong visual presence in your store
  10. Expand your Tribe
When times are tough, profits are slim according to conventional wisdom. But by staying agile and responding to customer needs, stores can grow profits even when the overall outlook is discouraging. The resolutions above are a step by step guide to ensuring a successful 2014.

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