Your call center is your frontline; it’s where customers engage intentionally and often lengthily with your staff, the gatekeepers and verbal representatives of your company. So why aren’t you training them? Mann U: Call Center Training develops the soft skills often absent across telephone lines and vests the folks on the phone with the skills to cultivate customer loyalty and relationships. From greetings and engagement to forecasting and farewells, we ensure your call center staff are equipped to cater to every customer with a tailored, organic, and professional approach.

  • Define effective greetings
  • Soft skills development
  • GEAR (The Mann Group’s approach to developing a selling culture)
  • Strategies for developing customer loyalty

Call center staff


2 days


$2,000 or Customized Group Rate

When & Where:

You decide! Mann U Sales Rep is performed on-site and at the request of

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Working Hours

8 days a week