Sales reps are the liaison between manufacturers and retailers and the crux of the industry, so they have to be good at their job. Mann U: Sales Reps is designed to make that possible. Before we begin, the teacher analyzes the tactics and approach of the sales reps, noting points for improvement and revision. We distinctly define the dos and don’ts of the position—did you know, for example, that retailers’ biggest complaint about sales reps is their penchant for unannounced visits?—to save students from embarrassment (and lost profits). Students learn the best sell-in and sell-through strategies and develop a customized sales process based on product benefits and retail math to engage retailers of all sizes across all seasons.

  • DISC assessment -Strategies for engaging public speaking
  • Develop customized sales process
  • Effective approach to product description (features vs. benefits)
  • Retail math (understanding product profitability)
  • Tactics for building relationships with buyers
  • Dos and Donts of effective B2B communication
  • Replicable sell-in and sell-through strategies

Sales reps


2 days


$2,000 or Customized Group Rate

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