A Retailer with a Plan: Inventory Planning in Bike and Specialty Retail

Bike retailers—actually, all specialty retailers—represent the frontline of their industry. When those retailers aren’t prepared, manufacturers become more directive, and frustration often ensues. The solution? A well-researched inventory plan based on calculated risk, Dan says. Listen in for the how-to.

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Inventory planning is incredibly complex for large multi store retailers, but perhaps more critical for single store operators since there is less margin for error. Specialty retailers are leveraging tools and tactics used by digital first brands to make “calculated risk” just a little bit more calculated. Tools like Open to Buy, Vendor Performance, and PO Analysis arm retailers with key data to be as prepared as possible for those sales rep meetings. Smarter buys, at higher GP and faster turns result in better cash flow and more profits. Cheers Dan Mann and team for continuing to educate and share your insights with this podcast!!!

Well said, Dan! We’ve touched on the topic of digital tools a few times, but sounds like it might be a topic worth a full episode. Thanks for listening in!

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