We are the Mann Group

We’re the first to admit that we defy definition. Sure, you could call us a consulting firm, but that seems reductive. We do so much more.

Since 2002, we’ve helped some 2,000 businesses and thousands of their employees grow, both literally, in profits and scale, and figuratively, as leaders and salespeople. We’ve worked with designers and outdoorsmen, brewers and bikers, to refine and curate a business and, more importantly, an experience they’re proud of.

We’ve spoken words of encouragement and admonishment to conference crowds and helped managers sift through the masses to find the perfect hire. We’ve coached classrooms full of salespeople and coaxed truly effective leadership out of their managers. But more importantly, we’ve developed relationships with them all, taking late night phone calls and early morning flights to make sure their business is at its best. Because your success defines our own.

Like we said, consulting seems a bit reductive. Instead, we’d call ourselves “Implementers of Change, Learning, and Growth.” Or perhaps just “The Mann Group.”

Vice President of Strategy
Leslie Cunningham

We may call her our Chief Networking Officer, but perhaps Chief Inspiration Officer would be more fitting. Leslie’s simultaneously our yin and our yang: she has big ideas but can reign them into reality; she is kindness personified, but knows when to talk tough; she’s dyslexic and left-handed, a life she dubs “backwards,” yet it’s Leslie that always drives us forward. The mom of one is a yogi, writer, photographer, and loyal member of the Green Ridge Girls.

Human Resources for 25 years.
10 Years with  the Mann group.

Taco Tuesday

Tacos are among Leslie’s favorite food.

Good Boy

Leslie recently adopted an Anatolian shepherd named Ruger.

Taste the Rainbow

Her Fiestaware collection is kaleidoscopically impressive.

Vice President of Operations
Tony Tanner

Tony Tanner has a uniform: black shirt, black hat, black glasses, and a no-nonsense, straight-talking attitude that gets our clients on track. With nearly three decades of experience in specialty retail—on both the brand and buyer side—he knows how to spot a problem and how to fix it, and he’s not afraid to say so. The cyclist is also quite the movie buff and, thanks to his mind-boggling memory, he can recall movie scenes and lines on a dime. That memory also comes in handy in the workplace: Tony never forgets a name.

28 years retail experience
9 years with The Mann Group
5 bikes: 60,000 miles ridden over 10 years

Cup of Joe

Tony is a veritable coffee addict and collects mugs on his travels.

#1 Fan

He’s a huge (HUGE!) fan of Oklahoma Sooners Football.

You Know Nothing

Tony is an “obsessed, nut job” fan of Game of Thrones.

Director of Business Development
Andrew Cunningham

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but none quite like our Director of Business Development, Andrew Cunningham. The passionate angler brings the trademarks of his hobby—think patience, persistence, and fortitude—plus hearty gregariousness to his job at The Mann Group. Andrew recently became a dad, and his son Hunter has stolen the hearts of the whole Mann Group family. When he’s not on daddy duty or reeling in new clients, you’ll certainly find Andrew on the water.

Current Fishing Tournament Ranking: 1st 
Biggest Bass YTD: 7 lbs 8oz (but this is a fishing story)

Early Riser

Andrew can easily wake up at 2 AM to go fish.

Bait & Tackle

You’ll find Andrew’s greatest collection in his tackle box.

Sweet Tooth

If he could, he would eat ice cream every day

Director of Training and Development
Kent Mann

Kent may have been born with the Mann magic in his blood, but he’s making a name for himself as our Director of Training and Development. The finance grad has a knack for turning big ideas into implementable and realistic tasks, both in our own company and our clients’. Though his favorite part of his job is travel, Kent’s perfect day would include paddle boarding on the French Broad followed by camping in our Blue Ridge Mountains, hallmarks of the town he’s called home for 16 years.

Fastest 5k: 16:24
Fastest 800 meter: 1:54
Exotic pets owned: 2

Nuts About Pistachios

Kent eats them every day.

Run, Kent, Run

Kent has 100 pairs of old running shoes for nostalgia’s sake.

Back and Forth

His favorite sport to watch is ping-pong.

Vice President of Marketing
Emily Glaser

As our one-and-only bonafide wordsmith, it’s Emily’s job to take all our ideas and experiences and tie them into tidy verbal packages. Years of editorial experience her trusty tool, she’s responsible for wrangling our newsletter, blog library, social media, and general communications into engaging and cohesive content. Her current passion projects include turning her black thumb green and reading more books with underrepresented, minority perspectives.

5 pairs of high tops 
 Published in 10 magazines


Emily has a very fluffy, slightly drool orange cat named Sebastian.

Book Worm

Her love of Cold Mountain inspired her move from San Diego to Asheville.

Totally Tubular

Emily likes to spend her birthdays floating the French Broad.

Executive Assistant
Jennifer Keith

Jen hails from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, and she has the Southern hospitality to prove it (though not the accent). It’s that sunny disposition that makes Jen such a pro at pleasing our clients—well, that and her amazing attention to detail and organizational clout (seriously, you should see her pen collection). When she’s not busy keeping us in line, the self-diagnosed Anglophile likes to watch Britbox or Acorn tv shows, read, cook and bake.

13 years in customer service
600+ books read
700 movies owned

Listen Up

Her favorite Pandora stations are Bread, Jack Johnson and Pink Martini.

First Generation

Jen’s father is from Belize City, Belize and she speaks Spanish.

An Apple a Day

Jen’s go-to snack? An apple with peanut butter.

Director of Account Management
Hank Mann

Hank may be the newest member of The Mann Group team, but he’s no stranger to our creed. He’s spent a lifetime in the orbit of The Mann Group (see what we did there?), so he’s conversant in our methods, and thanks to two years in the teaching field, he’s also uniquely prepared to instill those methods in our students. A far cry from his former pupils, middle schoolers, Hank loves that his new students are eager to change, learn, and grow. The movie buff (his favorite? Star Wars, of course), watches a new tv show or movie every day.

2 years teaching experience
Lifetime as a Mann

Blue Eyed Girl

Hank’s Australian Shepherd mix, Maz, is a ball of energy..


His favorite food is sushi.

Game Boy

Hank counts tv, movies, and video games among his hobbies.

Deidra MannMason

Accounting aficionado Deidra MannMason is passionate about completing her to-do list with a satisfied and precise flourish. Deidra experienced retail from the back door to the front at Belk Tyler department store, but it was her nearly 30 years in accounting and numbers, especially with Beaufort County Schools, that she honed her skills as a math whiz, a combination that makes her a perfect match for The Mann Group. Deidra’s loves are many and include sewing, her kids and grandkids, her pup Princess Meg, and the art of cooking with butter.

20 years as Beaufort County Schools Data Manager
6 years with CPA firm

High School Sweethearts

Deidra has been married to her love David for 39 years.

Prom Queen

Deidra sewed her dress and David’s leisure suit for prom in the ‘70s.

Iron Clad

Her cast iron collection is quite impressive.

Director of Business Development

We call Logan our jack-of-all-trades; the newest member of the team can wield a client call and a hammer with equal measures grace and finesse. The funny guy’s strength, however, lies in relationship building, and he’s got the chops (and jokes) to make those new to The Mann Group feel warm and fuzzy. Though Logan’s days usually end with Netflixing with his wife Marissa, the best ones culminate with a glass of 1792 Single Barrel Bourbon on the rocks after a round of golf.

6 Years In Customer Service
3 Years In Management

Captain Jack

That’s the nickname for pup Jackie.

Above Par

Logan loves to play golf (and disc golf).


Logan married sweetheart Marissa this spring..


We understand small, family-owned businesses because we are one. Our logo, a five-pointed star and pixeled stitch of five Ms, is both our calling card and our crest, representing Dan Mann, our founder, and his four children. At the core of our organization sits a family.

And it’s the support of a family you’ll get when you work with The Mann Group. To every client, we offer the kind of unfiltered and unreserved honesty and support you usually expect only from the folks who share your blood type and body shape. With phone calls and check-ins and follow up emails, at midnight and noonday, we’re here for you long after the final class closes.

We’re like your family—just without the obligatory holiday dinners.

Drop us a couple of lines
Working Hours

8 days a week