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We’ve never met a challenge we didn’t like or couldn’t conquer. Whether your strategic plan needs tinkering, your panel needs a voice, or just feel like hearing Dan Mann talk, we can make it happen.


Consulting is a catch-all for the many merits of The Mann Group. Whether you need help hiring, advice on advertising, or want to make a big change—like rebranding or restructuring—but don’t know where to begin, we have the know-how (and more likely than not, the hands-on experience) to get you to your goal.

Let’s Parley

We can change your business—together. Here’s what we’d suggest. We’re ready to talk when you are.

Effectively running a profitable business necessitates a coherent and attainable strategic plan, but actually crafting that plan can be a daunting task indeed. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across dozens of industries to create effective strategic plans that include measurable goals, practical initiatives, and specific and manageable timelines. Establishing a strategic plan is the first step in curating a brand and a successful business; let us help you find your stride.

“Working with The Mann Group has been absolutely invaluable. The insights, feedback and training offered by Dan, Leslie and the entire Mann Group team have made a huge impact on our business and what we have been able to achieve. We initiated the Strategic Planning process with Dan Mann last May and are continuing to work on the many important resulting initiatives. Dan Mann came and conducted in-store G.E.A.R Training for us this past October, and we have implemented the methodologies on our sales floor to much success.”

-Shira Epstein, Champaign Surplus

We learn the most, and the best, from our peers—those folks who can commiserate, and more importantly, offer insight with a sense hearty camaraderie. But facilitating those connections, overcoming competition, and coming together can seem insurmountable. Enter The Mann Group. We’ve helped create and facilitate dealer panels across many industries, helping to bridge the wee gaps between companies to build community. We can do the same for you.

“The Shimano Dealer Panel has been a great influence on me. It is a great opportunity to pick the brains of other retailers and learn their best practices. It is refreshing to see that things are different yet the same in every corner of North America. We are all in this together and having this group of peers has been a big help.”

Steve Donahue, Recycled Cycles

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of change. Regardless of industry and audience, Dan Mann has the ability to inspire people by the room-full. He’s spoken at conferences, market weeks, summits and seminars with a range of audiences, from photography to cycling, on topics both esoteric and expansive. You’ll also recognize his voice from talk shows and podcasts, through which he’s ignited the inspiration to change in thousands of listeners. Want an earful? We can give it to you.

“I spent a lot of time after the last Summit going through my notes and watching the videos that I took. You left no doubt that there were many deficiencies in my business and in my relationships with my employees. Then I bought a Kindle copy of your book and am studying it. We have already changed a number of internal practices in our store. They are all paying off. Thanks for the insights.”

Mark Bachmann, The Fly Fishing Shop, Inc.

We don’t just deal in our own products—we deal in yours, too. We’ll take our own models and customize them to your business, from personalized manuals, to online training modules, to unique training packages, to extensive certification programs, we can help you create the tools to elevate your business and ensure it prospers.


“It was easy to see that Dan and Leslie are passionate about what they do and they enjoy helping people develop and grow their business. They wanted to be there teaching, and we wanted to be there learning.”

-Greg F., River City Bicycles

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