An Interview with Karen Roberts, Owner of Get Fit in Amarillo, Texas

Tom Griffen took a moment to get to know Karen Roberts, Owner of Get Fit in Amarillo, Texas. Heres what she had to say:
TG: Why did you choose The Mann Group? How has it influenced your business?
KR: I had previously heard Dan speak at The Running Event and was impressed by his ability to lead in a positive, dynamic, and non-threatening mannercausing us to work outside of our comfort zones. This push helped me grow as a person and business owner.
TG: Will you share your companys vision?
KR: When people embrace an active lifestyle, we want to be their destination. Its our goal that everyone leaves feeling like theyve been taken care of beyond their expectations.
TG: What did you do before owning Get Fit?
KR: I was an educator for twenty-two years. I worked as a teacher, coach, counselor, and administrator.
TG: Whats your favorite athletic activity?
KR: Runningand currently my favorite races are ultra-marathons. I love running on trails!
TG: What are your thoughts on the future of specialty run?
KR: I see growth in our future. But well have to make changes in the way we service the on-demand aspect of our business. Well also have to continue providing excellent customer service. Our task in 2016 and beyond is to find creative ways to achieve this. Im an achiever, and I believe our channel is here to stay.

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