App–arent Advantages: WorkHere Makes Recruiting the Perfect Employees Possible

Here at the Mann Group, we talk a lot about recruiting and hiring new employees. There is no single element in your store more important than hiring competent, engaging and motivated employees—folks who are as passionate about your business as you are. We always advise an early approach with foresight and extensive interviewing and preach about the dangers of hasty hiring. As much as we lecture on the importance of the hiring process, even the retailers we’ve trained still make these seemingly unavoidable mistakes. Whether it’s an impulsive hire following the abrupt departure of a full–time employee or a sheer lack of prospects, we understand that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to find and hire that abstract, almost fantastical “perfect employee.”
But what if there was a way to engage with that perfect employee early on and to establish a relationship in anticipation of that admittedly unpredictable opening? What if you could connect with the people who are passionate about your industry and develop those conversations not out of necessity, but in anticipation of future openings? And what if it was all as easy as a social media app? It may sound like a millennial–fueled dream, but it’s a reality.
WorkHere is a new app developed to connect potential employees with their dream jobs and employers with their dream employees from an easy, intuitive platform. These days our phones are always in our palms and we’re constantly engaged with social media. These habits are deeply engrained in the modern consciousness, and it’s no surprise that companies are starting to take advantage of our innate connectedness. “Research has proven that over 70% of the marketplace uses a smart device to do everything, from watching movies, to interacting with people, to looking for a job,” says Julie Pitts, Director of Business Development and Partnerships for WorkHere, the first hiring platform to capitalize on our connection to our phones.
Whereas sites like LinkedIn were built for white collar, computer–crunching employees and employers to build on their existing network, they don’t necessarily appeal to or work for the rest of us. It’s always been difficult to connect retailers with hourly or entry–level employees online. Even Craigslist, which always harbors those retail positions, doesn’t foster any kind of relationship between hirer and hiree. WorkHere, on the other hand, caters to retailers and cultivates their relationships with those perfect employees.
“WorkHere is the first and currently the only social mobile recruiting app that is geared toward specifically helping retailers proactively find employees by creating a talent pipeline for each of their locations,” says Pitts. It’s not simply a job board where employers can post about openings and wait for resumes to pour in, then wade through a sea of applicants who aren’t at all suited for the position. Instead, WorkHere intentionally promotes relationships with the right employees early on. “We will not be the place that retailers post a bunch of jobs and wait for applicants to come in—we are the app retailers use to proactively recruit key talent,” Pitts notes.
WorkHere is also unique because it’s so location–driven. Businesses with multiple locations, for example, have individual profiles for each locale. Employees can pinpoint locations and sort by radiuses, rather than simply by cities like other sites. And it turns out that’s more important than ever. “Studies have shown that more and more individuals want/need to work much closer to where they live due to childcare, transportation and other lifestyle choices,” says Pitts. “[WorkHere] is the first location–based social app designed to help employers find employees close to their places of business, as well as help job seekers find jobs close to where they live.”
It all works with the ease of your favorite social media platform. “WorkHere is a good mix of Twitter, LinkedIn and Zillow,” says Pitts. “Our employers can ‘follow’ individuals with whom they want to engage. Job seekers can network with employer locations, and encourage their friends and acquaintances to work where they are going. The app has a variety of tools that make it interact well as a true social media platform.” So not only is WorkHere a valid tool for connecting employees with employers and vice versa—it’s also kind of fun!
From an employee’s perspective, it’s easy to find potential employers: they open the app and filter through local businesses, either in list form or on a realtime map, then follow the businesses that appeal to them. They’ll receive notifications when their favorite businesses have openings so they can be among the first to throw their hat in the ring. The app is free for job seekers, so it’s painless too.
As for employers, WorkHere is just as intuitive—and incomparably useful. “We are not a recruiting agency; however, we work with employers to help them use the app through a subscription–type program,” Pitts explains. “Employers pay a nominal fee to use our service for a one year contract. We help them really market themselves proactively to job seekers using our app and a variety of tools we have created to help them be more successful in creating talent pipelines per their locations.” WorkHere is a proactive channel for finding the best possible employees at the best possible times by recruiting them before that moment of necessity and engaging with them constantly. Plus, you know the applicants you receive from WorkHere are genuinely passionate about your business because they intentionally chose to follow you, even before that opening.
That’s the reason that WorkHere is especially beneficial in our community. “Specialty and outdoor retailers can be particularly successful in creating a talent pipeline of candidates using the WorkHere app that love what those retailers do because their lifestyles reflect that mission and purpose,” notes Pitts. Potential applicants follow your business on WorkHere because they’re passionate cyclists, hikers, or outdoor enthusiasts; they dream of working for you, rather than simply applying for a paycheck. In turn, that results in low turnover and a smaller cost–per–hire; these are the employees that stick around and genuinely commit to their job.
As we said before, the Mann Group has long been the industry’s greatest proponent of advanced hiring strategies. Often that means reevaluating your current methods of employee recruiting, and Pitts agrees. “My advice for employers is to really review your recruitment marketing. If what you do works well for you in locating ideal employees, then continue to do that which works well. If not, then shave off those things that do not work well, and seek out new methods of finding ideal candidates.” WorkHere isn’t a magic app that will instantly recruit that perfect employee, but added to a thorough lineup of marketing and hiring strategies, it’s a piece of that puzzle. Stagnant and stale hiring practices can’t bring in the best talent. “It is critical to your success to constantly try new things to ensure you are attracting the best candidates you can find, and implementing strategies to make them ‘raving fans’ of your business,” Pitts notes.
In this age of millennials, apps and continuous engagement, it’s important to make sure all aspects of your business keep up with the technological boom. Where other forms of social media ensure you stay connected to your ideal customers, WorkHere ensures you stay connected to your ideal employees.
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