Book Review: Rich Wills of FITniche

Rich Wills owns FITniche, one of the top 50 running stores in America year after year. With three locations across Florida and hundreds of employees through the years, Wills certainly knows a thing or two about leadership. Even this longtime innovator within the industry gained valuable insight from Dan’s ORBiT: The Art & Science of Influence.

What was your favorite part of ORBiT?
I thoroughly enjoyed the stories that brought Dan’s concepts to life.  Dan’s a great story teller, and the stories really sank home the points.
2. What’s one thing that surprised you in the book?
I was surprised at how easy it is to rush through or entirely miss some of the most important steps, like achieving buy-in.
3. Who should read ORBiT and why?
Anyone who oversees or is in charge of getting performance achieved through other people should read this book!
4. What was your biggest takeaway?
My biggest takeaway is the importance of achieving buy-in before attempting to teach or coach people through any new concept of hoped for behavior change.

Like so many leaders, Wills didn’t even recognize his hiccups until Dan pointed them out in ORBiT. The book forces its readers to slow down and genuinely reflect upon their approach, allowing them to root out the tiniest of problems—like speeding through buy-in—to achieve the biggest results.

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