Ready to rev up and refine your retail business? Mann U II demonstrates and nurtures all the top-notch tricks-of-the-trade you’ll need to do so. Designed for confident, effective leaders, Mann U II turns the lens outward to help students cultivate potent practices across the core tenets of their business by teaching implementable plans for effective inventory management (including retail planning and visual merchandising), developing a selling culture, and advanced hiring and team building. Your teacher will help you formulate an implementation plan so that when you graduate you can quickly and easily put your new know-how to good use in your retail business.

  • Definition of a memorable customer experience and how to replicate that in your retailer
  • Inventory management skills
  • Retail Planning outline
  • Strategies for engaging visual merchandising
  • GEAR (The Mann Group’s approach to developing a selling culture)
  • Advanced JWD (Job Worth Doing/Job Well Done)
  • Employee motivation skills
  • Advanced hiring and team building tactics
  • Strategies for employee motivation
  • Implementation support

Mann U I grads, or managers, owners, or CEOs with well-developed leadership skills
looking to refine their retail business


5 days



When & Where:

Mann U II Asheville: January 27-31, 2020

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Working Hours

8 days a week