We’re in the business of businesses (just like you)

You B2B biz’s can get a bad rep. We know you’re not all introverted artists or reclusive scientists spending your time building the next big product—and if you are, that’s where we come in.

It may be an oft-overlooked element of your operations, but customer experience is just as important in Business to Business enterprises as in others. Whether you’re a brewer wholesaling to supermarkets or a bike manufacturer pitching a small shop, you’re still selling, and it’s important for you to connect with your customers and clients. We’re experts in customer experience (even in B2B), and can help you refine your techniques and tactics to share your product productively.

You’re not just a salesman; you’re also a leader, and it’s important that you act like one. If you have a team of one or one hundred, we can help you reign in and realize your personal leadership style in order to effectively implement your businesses’ vision. With a cohesive and coherent vision, your team can expertly communicate those intentions with the businesses you work with.

As a B2B business, you’re a jack of all trades and a man of many talents. We can help you become an expert in them all.

We can frame any of our courses to suit you and your business, but here are a few we’d suggest for B2B businesses:

Our most popular course is perfect for leaders in any industry, especially B2B businesses. We’re experts in adult behavior change, and you will be too after you take this three-day course, so you’ll be able to mold your malleable colleagues into dream employees.

You and your reps alike could benefit from this Mann U “grad school” course, in which we define and refine the role of sales reps, defining a new relationship between reps and clients that generates more sales

Your business poses a unique set of challenges—challenges only others in your field truly understand. We help facilitate connections, conversations, and a hearty exchange of knowledge between businesses with our dealer panels.


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