Change Has Come


If you know The Mann Group, you know we’re big proponents of change. But not the easy kind; we’re advocates for the soul-searching, belief-shattering kind of change that makes you question everything, so that you can finally find the right answers.

Well, we finally decided it was time for a taste of our own medicine. 

When we decided to redesign our website, it was with that kind of change in mind. It wasn’t simply a matter of fluffing our pillows or hanging new curtains—we had to gut the room, strengthen the foundation, and build anew.

Because, you see, in order to build our new website, we had to revisit and redefine the core tenets of who The Mann Group is and what we do. In order to share our message with the world, we had to rewrite it. 

In the midst of all that soul searching and shattering of beliefs, we found those answers—the right ones. Here’s what we found:


We are The Mann Group, a charmingly incongruous and blatantly genuine group of big thinkers and list makers. Get us together, and our ideas bloom into vibrant, sky-high projects; take us apart, and we work methodically and assiduously to accomplish the goals we created together.  We say there’s no mountain too high or ambition too big, for us or our clients.


We create and implement practical courses and curriculum to help businesses and individuals grow. With a varied team of experienced coaches and analyzers, we help diagnose and alleviate obstacles in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer enterprises across dozens of industries in order to increase profits and actualize a comprehensive vision for their business.


We believe that, when outfitted with the right tools, every business can succeed. We believe that the most decisive factor in that success is effective leadership. And we believe that we’re the organization that can help every business, regardless of size or industry, change, learn and grow through strong leadership, a clear vision, and a little elbow grease. 

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I like this a lot. Keep putting out great content and helping businesses grow! Nice work!

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