Episode 1: Meet Manndatory Listening

Episode 1: Meet Manndatory Listening

In our very first podcast, we introduce the who, why, and when of Manndatory Listening and share Dan Mann’s top tips for managers.


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Hey Mann group. Looking forward to episode 2. Well done.

Thanks, Gordon! We have three episodes live (hooray!) and a fourth one on the way!

Hi Dan,
Is there a way to download the audio files if you are NOT an iphone user?
Thinking that my managers could listen to this on their commute, but not sure how that would work.

Hi Richard! That’s a great idea, and our greatest dream with the podcast; imagine if all managers listened to the podcast on their commute—we could create a revolution!

We have the podcasts available on all the usual podcast platforms—iTunes, Spotify, etc.—so I’d suggest they search for the podcasts on one of those platforms (just type “Manndatory Listening” into the search bar and it should come right up!) and listen that way. Some of those platforms will even allow you to download the episodes so they’re always available. We even have the podcasts available on Youtube!

Let us know if you have any other questions! Happy to help.

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