Episode 2: A Guide to Succession Plans

Episode 2: A Guide to Succession Plans

We’re breaking taboos and talking about every owner’s least favorite topic: succession. We turn the nightmare into a dream as we delve into the myriad options for planning your exit (or entrance), including internal and external buyouts, ESOPs, and inheritance.


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Just listened to the podcast. Very informative. I have been fortunate enough to have been gifted a business and been involved in an ESOP, there is one point I would like to point out that is important. Plan early… And continually mind your business with sound practices, processes and financial discipline.

Well said, Mallory! Of everyone we interviewed about succession plans, no one said, “I wish I’d waited longer to plan!” The longer you wait, the more stressful the process gets.

Thanks for reading!

Interesting and covers the basics well.

Thanks, Brian! We figure the basics are always a good place to start.

Great info Mann Group! I am going to start my succession plan. Once I have a plan, do I share that with staff, etc?
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Great question, Ken (so great, in fact, that we might do another podcast about it)! Our answer is “yes!”

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