We say retail isn’t dead—but the art of the customer experience is near extinction. Retailers need a hero to reignite their fires, berate those bad habits, and remind them why they’re in this business in the first place: to make customers happy.


Say hello to GEAR

We don’t need to convince you that this specialty retail training works the numbers speak for themselves: Over the past 15 years, we’ve trained thousands of retailers using GEAR, who on average claim a topline sales increase of 17% (make that number 35%, depending on implementation). Those statistics validate the words we’ve always said: GEAR is a training unlike anything else.

What makes GEAR work is our straightforward, no-nonsense approach. We sweep aside the technical knowledge (too abstract) and hokey inspirational jargon (too permissive) you’ll find in other manufacturer or mass-produced trainings, and instead focus on what matters most: cultivating an engaging customer experience that not only satisfies their wants and needs today, but founds a relationship for the future, too.

The way you’ve been training is wrong. Get it right with GEAR.


It may take different tactics to sell tent poles and fishing poles, but the approach can be streamlined for success. Rather than waxing on about the technical pros of each product (which tend to go over customer’s heads), we’ll teach your employees to mold their approach to each customer’s individual needs, which will keep ‘em coming back for more


Sure, it’s important that your employees know the ins-and-outs of your big-ticket bikes, but it’s even more important that they know their customers, and specifically how to engage with them on a personal level. It’s not figures, but gregarious finesse, that sells bikes (and we can prove it).


From sneaks to socks, GEAR Run is a guide to help your employees sell the right products to the right customers. By swapping technical jargon for personable genuineness, we’ll help your employees grow their sales today and keep their customers for tomorrow.
Don’t take our word for it. These numbers from our GEAR clients speak for themselves. 
Typical Sales increase
Average Top-line Sales Up
Specialty Retailers
Awesome Years


Here at The Mann Group, we love acronyms. So what’s GEAR stand for?

et Involved

Before you begin talking shop, it’s important to make your customers feel welcome and heard.


Now that you’ve connected with your customer, you can connect them with the product and curate their selection.


Help validate their purchase by letting them experience the product before asking for the sale.


Remind them that they’re more than the “c” word (customer, that is), by establishing a genuine relationship with them that will last long beyond their visit.

Our clients have lots of nice things to say about us (what can we say, we’ve earned it) 
Chally Sims, Pack Rat152x152
Chally Sims
Pack Rat

“GEAR has given us a tool to use as training for our staff. Our staff feels more confident helping customers when they use the tools GEAR has to offer.”

landscape-mountains-nature-mountain (Demo)
Kevin Fendley
Pack Rat

“The GEAR training was an intense but effective approach to understanding how to interact with customers, in summary, that are coming in door, shopping in store and checking out at register. These workshops are investments in staff and management to hopefully increase productivity and gain desired results in a highly competitive market in Northwest Arkansas.”

Adam Higinbothom, Pack Rat 152x152
Adam Higinbothom
Pack Rat

“I used to bounce all over the place during training of new and existing staff members; I am not a fan of public speaking so I tend to go fast and scattered. GEAR is a clearly stated outline to follow and has added structure and order to my otherwise ‘organized chaos training.’”

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