Get to Know Founder Dan Mann

Dan Mann

Founder & President

Open your trusty dictionary and flip to “leadership,” and you’ll likely find Dan’s face looking back. The Mann himself thrives in the sticky straits of leadership, in both our own business and in the more than 2,000 others he’s worked with since founding The Mann Group in 2002. Dan was given the gift of gab, and it’s his unparalleled communication skills that make him a trusted teacher across dozens of industries. The proficient public speaker, published author, specialty retail sage, and leadership liaison has a host of hobbies that fill his spare time outside the proverbial office, including mountain biking, movies, and music. 

1. Describe your perfect day.

Any day at Green Ridge Road. Slow breakfast… A mountain bike ride at Bent Creek… Stopping by the farmers market for fresh produce… Happy hour with my own old fashioned… then grilling dinner. Eating with family and friends on the deck, enjoying food and conversation as the sun goes down! Perfect.

2. What’s your beverage of choice? 

Any Kentucky Bourbon.

3. What’s your favorite food, and what’s the food you eat every day?

Eastern North Carolina BBQ (Scotts). Daily? Some kind of fruit.

4. Speaking of every day, what else do you do every single day?

Coffee… and a thorough exploration of national and business news.

5. Tell us about your pets.

Two all time best pets: Obi the cat and Buddy the dog (RIP).

6. Tell us about your hobbies.

Too many to list: mountain biking, guitar, reading, movies, music, bourbon, just a few to mention.

7. Any interesting collections?

Again, with the bourbon.

8. What’s your favorite part of your job?

The best part of my job is watching clients have paradigm shifts about their business and what is possible for them.

9. Any talents?

Little know fact: I sing and dance quite well in the kitchen. I also have one killer close up magic trick.

10. What’s your favorite destination vacation?

Outer Banks, NC.

11. What’s your favorite sport to watch? 

UNC Tar Heels Basketball.

12. What movie and tv show do you watch over and over again?

The Big Lebowski. 

13. What were you doing before The Mann Group, and why did you decide to make the move?

I left a corporate career to start The Mann Group primarily because I wanted to be my own boss and take the risks I felt were right for me. I wanted to set my own schedule and work with the people I enjoyed working with.

14. What special assets do you think you bring to The Mann Group?

I have a skill for expressing important topics through public speaking.

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