Get to Know Director of Business Development Andrew Cunningham

Andrew Cunningham

Director of Business Development

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but none quite like our Director of Business Development, Andrew Cunningham. The passionate angler brings the trademarks of his hobby—think patience, persistence, and fortitude—plus hearty gregariousness to his job at The Mann Group. Andrew recently became a dad, and his son Hunter has stolen the hearts of the whole Mann Group family. When he’s not on daddy duty or reeling in new clients, you’ll certainly find Andrew on the water. 


1. Describe your perfect day.
Fishing with a friend.

2. What’s your beverage of choice?
Ice cold beer of any kind.

3. What’s your favorite food, and what’s the food you eat every day? 

BBQ ribs and ice cream, if it’s available.

4. Speaking of every day, what else do you do every single day? 

Love on my kid, Hunter.

5. Tell us about your pets. 

Two dogs, Gypsy and Louis.

6. Tell us about your hobbies.
Fishing is my hobby and hopefully career.  

7. Any weird habits?
Staring out the back window at all me trees I planted, “watching them grow.”

8. What about weird collections?

My tackle collection.  

9. What’s your favorite part of your job?

Working from home.

10. Any talents?

I can wake up at 2:00 AM to go fish!

11. What’s your favorite destination vacation?
Asheville, NC.

12. What’s your favorite sport to watch?
Indianapolis Colts and Pacers.

13. What movie do you watch over and over again?

The Matrix and Independence Day.

14. What were you doing before The Mann Group, and why did you decide to make the move? 

I worked at Angie’s List for 4 years, and I chose to come to TMG because of the buyout of Angie’s List by Homeadvisor. It’s the best career decision I have made!

15. What special assets do you think you bring to The Mann Group?
I love to learn from people!

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