Get to Know Director of Training and Development Kent Mann

Kent Mann

Director of Training and Development 

Kent may have been born with the Mann magic in his blood, but he’s making a name for himself as our Director of Training and Development. The finance grad has a knack for turning big ideas into implementable and realistic tasks, both in our own company and our clients’. Though his favorite part of his job is travel, Kent’s perfect day would include paddle boarding on the French Broad followed by camping in our Blue Ridge Mountains, hallmarks of the town he’s called home for 16 years. 


  1. Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day would be waking up at 6 and going for a run, then taking a cold shower. I would then eat a big French toast breakfast with coffee. I would then go paddle boarding down the French Broad and do some swimming. I’d probably go to the gym if it was early enough after that. After, I’d go do some fishing, set up a tent, and have a few beers with friends, and call it an evening. 

2. What’s your beverage of choice? 

Kombucha or Matcha green tea.

3. What’s your favorite food, and what’s the food you eat every day?

My favorite food is my friend Alex’s homemade skirt steak tacos. I eat pistachios every single day.

4. Speaking of every day, what else do you do every single day?

I go for a walk through my woods just about every day.

5. Tell us about your pets. 

Two ridiculous cats and one giant Anatolian shepherd.

6. Tell us about your hobbies.

My hobbies include French, working out, and watching history shows.

7. Any weird habits? 

If its not raining outside, I’ll walk just about anywhere barefoot.

8. What about weird collections? 

I have about 100 pairs of old running shoes with some good memories.

9. What’s your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is being able to travel to stores with a great culture and management, and talk to them about what their business, people, and practices are like. 

10. Any talents?

My talents include finishing my food before anyone else and outrunning bears.

11. What’s your favorite destination vacation?

My favorite destination is Volcano National Park in Hawaii.

12. What’s your favorite sport?

 My favorite sport to watch is Ping Pong, but favorite team is Auburn football.

13. What movie and tv show do you watch over and over again? 

My favorite movie is The Ghost and the Darkness, and I’d watch that any day of the week. My favorite show is the first season of True Detective.

14. What were you doing before The Mann Group, and why did you decide to make the move?

I’ve worked in specialty retail before and found myself frustrated by my lack of ability to influence different perspectives. The Mann Group allows me to study and implement positive change and growth into the industries I’m passionate about.

15. What special assets do you think you bring to The Mann Group?

I bring the perspective of a customer of all the stores I work with, as well as someone who can ask the hard and painful questions to get to the source of problems in a company. 

16. Anything else you’d like to share with the world? 

I studied Finance at UNC Charlotte.

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