Get to Know Vice President of Marketing Emily Glaser

Emily Glaser

Vice President of Marketing

As our one-and-only bonafide wordsmith, it’s Emily’s job to take all our ideas and experiences and tie them into tidy verbal packages. Years of editorial experience her trusty tool, she’s responsible for wrangling our newsletter, blog library, social media, and general communications into engaging and cohesive content. Her current passion projects include turning her black thumb green and reading more books with underrepresented, minority perspectives.

  1. Describe your perfect day.
    My favorite days begin and end with my sisters—a slow morning, big cups of coffee, wandering conversation. We’d fill up on brunch (with mimosas!) and wrangle the rest of the family together for a day out on the water: boating, floating, soaking up the sunshine and good music (our family playlist is a cluster!). If we aren’t too sun-soaked, we might go out for dinner, but more likely, we’d grill the classics—burgers, dogs, marshmallows—and crash early. 

2. What’s your beverage of choice? 

A well-made cocktail. I’m not picky about liquor (I’ve been on a Mezcal kick lately), but presentation and quirky ingredients pique my interest! 

3. What’s your favorite food, and what’s the food you eat every day?

I absolutely love a good charcuterie board. As for every day, I usually manage to squeeze in a half a banana (lately over grainless granola and almond milk!) and a hefty helping of kale (squeeze of lemon, drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, toss—heavenly!). 

4. Speaking of every day, what else do you do every single day?

I read every night before bed. It’s a habit I developed as a kid to avoid bedtime, and it’s really stuck! 

5. Tell us about your pets.

My cat, Sebastian, turns dog people into cat people. He’s really that cute. 

6. Tell us about your hobbies.

I try to do something active every day: yoga, running, kettle bells, dance class, hiking. I love attending music shows (the more intimate, the better) and thrift shopping. 

7. Any weird habits?
Thanks to the traumatic badgering of my childhood dentist, I floss every day. 

8. What about weird collections?

Salt and pepper shakers. I’m not really sure how it happened… 

9. What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m still astonished by the fact that I can affect people’s opinions with my words. I love that I get to use that talent for The Mann Group, because if my words persuade someone to invest in TMG, they’re actually investing in themselves and their business. My little words could (circuitously) help someone build a successful enterprise, and I think that’s amazing. 

10. Any talents?
I (certainly hope) I have a talent for words. 

11. What’s your favorite destination vacation?

Yosemite and Kauai are both so beautiful that they’re actually difficult for my brain to comprehend. 

12. What’s your favorite sport to watch? 

I am an (admittedly, fair weather) Panthers fan. 

13. What movie and tv show do you watch over and over again?
The Princess Bride (I’m pretty convinced this is the world’s favorite movie, but that’s another conversation). As for tv, I love slow-moving dramas (Peaky Blinders, True Detective), but my go-to will always be The Office. 

14. What were you doing before The Mann Group, and why did you decide to make the move?

Every year I lived in San Diego, when spring hit, I’d get an insatiable itch to move back East. In the summer of 2015, I set my sights on Asheville, and when I found an editing gig for a consulting firm, it seemed like fate. Three years later, that one-time gig has blossomed into one of the most fulfilling positions I’ve ever had, and I’ll be forever grateful that it was also the push that made me make my trek back across the country. 

15. What special assets do you think you bring to The Mann Group?

I think my talents lie in taking everyone’s big ideas and tying them into tidy little packages for our marketing content. We do so much, and I’m really proud of the way I’m able to communicate all those things to the world. 

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