Get to Know Vice President of Operations Tony Tanner

Tony Tanner

Vice President of Operations

Tony Tanner has a uniform: black shirt, black hat, black glasses, and a no-nonsense, straight-talking attitude that gets our clients on track. With nearly three decades of experience in specialty retail—on both the brand and buyer side—he knows how to spot a problem and how to fix it, and he’s not afraid to say so. The cyclist is also quite the movie buff and, thanks to his mind-boggling memory, he can recall movie scenes and lines on a dime. That memory also comes in handy in the workplace—Tony never forgets a name. 


  1. Describe your perfect day.
    Waking up in Hawaii and going for a bike ride with friends, and stopping at a local coffee shop for a break halfway in. Then after the ride, spending the day on the beach with friends and family, and finishing the day with a cook-out on the beach, and looking at the stars with a whiskey sour or an ice cold beer.

2. What’s your beverage of choice?

3.  What’s your favorite food?
Thai and sushi.

4.  What do you do every single day? 

I look at various news, sports, business, and cycling websites while enjoying my first cup of coffee before I start my work day, no matter if I am at home or on the road.

5.  Tell us about your pets. 

We have two dogs.

6.  Tell us about your hobbies.
Cycling and movies.

8.  Any interesting collections?
Coffee mugs from places I travel to.

9.  What’s your favorite part of your job?
When we make a difference in our client’s businesses, we make a difference in their lives. Also, seeing the look on someone’s face when they realize they just stepped into a larger world and learned a new skill.

10.  Any talents?
I have a very good memory

11.  What’s your favorite destination vacation? 


12. What’s your favorite sport to watch?
OKLAHOMA SOONERS FOOTBALL (I am an obsessed, nut job fan!).

13.  What tv show do you watch over and over again?
GAME OF THRONES (see description above!)

14.  What were you doing before The Mann Group, and why did you decide to make the move?
I chose to come to The Mann Group because of my relationship with Dan, because I knew we were creating a very special company. In my previous companies, I was most frustrated with the lack of leadership (other than Dan), and the corporate bureaucracy getting in the way of great work.

15.  What special assets do you think you bring to The Mann Group? 

Being able to influence people and teach them how to become better leaders, and create a customer environment that generates revenue and profit.

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