GPRA with Dan: Agreement on Approach

It takes more than training to effectively implement change, and it begins with Agreement on Approach. Dan and Kent talk through why it’s important to get alignment before you train your employees, hope versus causal management styles, and one entertaining story involving a millionaire and a bathroom. 

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Have you ever had a new program or action plan, that through this process you determined that you wouldn’t be able to get alignment because it just really wouldn’t accomplish what it was intended to do?

Absolutely! In the early part of the podcast, we acknowledge that getting agreement on approach requires a two-way dialog.
That two way dialog allows both parties to discuss the merits of an approach… as well as a safe environment to explore possibilities.

Once a leader has developed the habit of seeking agreement this way, trust can be built and future conversations can be even better.

So, yes, “agreement on approach” is only successful if you choose the right approach!


Great podcast! Agreed!
2 way approach or no way it will work. You have to rumble first. Excute 2nd.

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