GPRA with Dan: Training & Coaching

Once you’ve gotten agreement from your employees and established metrics to measure the results, it’s time to train. But the trick lies not just in comprehensive training, but in watching what’s happening and providing live feedback—or coaching. Learn how to implement both in the third episode in our GPRA series. 

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Hey Mann Group.

It had been a while since I dedicated 30 minutes to you PodCast and I enjoyed this addition of Gentle Pressure, Relentlessly Applied.

I gifted my copy of Orbit to a client in Guadalajara Mexico and would love to receive a new one. And, given the on air offer of a complimentary copy, I am making my request.

Please make my journey to the mail box a rewarding experience with a new copy of Orbit.

With Appreciation,

Steve Bendzak
Equity Catapult, LLC
79 Milky Way Drive
Bozeman, MT 59718


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