Hatch a Plan with The Mann Group

We may love acronyms and idioms at The Mann Group, but one of our most popular and successful programs comes in a clear-cut package: Strategic Planning. 

We believe that effectively training yourself and your staff is absolutely integral in creating a successful business—that’s where courses like Mann U and GEAR come in—but you have to know what and why you’re training first. A strong, intentional strategic plan is the foundation of every prosperous venture; everything else comes after. 

So, why recruit The Mann Group to help with your strategic planning? After all, it’s your business and your vision, and no one understands it better than you, right? The problem is that translating your dreams and aspirations into ideas that are comprehendible for your team, as well as designing a realistic course of action for attaining those goals, can be tricky. 

Through our Strategic Planning program, The Mann Group serves as a translator; we take your vision and render it into a language that everyone can understand and help you to build a structure that’s sustainable. We’re the impartial eye that can help you identify what’s realistic and what’s a reach, and help you to implement your ideas wisely. 

We’ve worked with thousands of businesses across dozens of industries, which means we’ve seen how a business succeeds (and fails). We can lend experienced insight into your venture’s trajectory to make sure it stretches far into the future. 


Here’s what you’ll get with Strategic Planning from The Mann Group:

  • An insightful evaluation of your business
  • Creation of measurable goals and comprehensive initiatives
  • Specific and manageable timelines
  • Tools to hire and create accountable employees
  • Custom content to help you implement your objectives


  • Small businesses
  • Large businesses
  • All businesses

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