Introducing Marketing by The Mann Group

Behind every brand, there’s a great story; the trick is how you tell it. That’s where we come in. 

We’ve worked with thousands of specialty retailers, manufacturers, and small businesses on everything from strategic plans to visual merchandising. Our goal is always to create an engaging, memorable, and profitable customer experience—and that begins outside the store.

The customer journey commences the moment a potential customer thinks of your brand, and often what spurs them to think of your brand is your marketing. The way your brand presents itself to the outside world can make or break your business. The way your community reacts and engages with all forms of your marketing—social media, email communications, physical and digital media, brochures—influences the way they interact with your business itself. If they like what they see, they’ll come into your store; if they don’t, they won’t. 

Effective and appealing branding and marketing has innumerable benefits for your biz. It’s the key to accessing and engaging your ideal market; it makes your brand more recognizable and covetable than the competition’s; it aligns your mission, public perception, and in-store experience; and it inspires passion in your team and customers. Not to mention, it’s cool—and people pay for cool. 

We know how much marketing matters to the success of specialty retail and small business, and that’s why we’re adding it to our lineup. Our intention is to make businesses better, and that begins with their brand. 

Our new marketing packages are tiered in order to be accessible to everyone at every level of experience and investment.

Level I: Brand Assessment

Let The Mann Group take a closer look at your current marketing process and procedures, and we’ll help boost the effectiveness of your branding. Through a thorough remote evaluation of your current marketing efforts, including social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn), emails and newsletters, and traditional marketing campaigns (online, television, radio, billboards, print, etc.), as well as of your marketing team structure, we’ll develop a comprehensive analysis of your efforts. Once we’ve got the skinny, we’ll sit down with your leadership team for a video call where we highlight strengths and weaknesses and formulate a plan to make your branding its best. 

Level II: Strategic Marketing Plan

Like Level I, our approach begins with a remote analysis of your current marketing structure across channels and staff. Then we’ll take a trip to your store for a two-day strategic plan-style workshop with your leadership and marketing team. Together, we’ll generate solutions to any of your branding bothers; our tasks include identifying your ideal marketing, developing a coherent voice and strategy, adopting a marketing planning cycle, and reallocation of roles and responsibilities. 

Level III: Brand Story Creation

This is when we bring out the big guns. If you’re looking to completely redefine your brand, or if you have a new biz with a story that’s itching to be told, let us help you. Our Brand Story Creation helps you define your entire marketing and social media strategy, brand voice, marketing planning cycle, and marketing roles. The package also includes an overhaul (or creation) of visual merchandising and a big ol’ Brand Bible, which includes your logos, colorways, and more. This is the big kahuna, but in the end you’re left with a marketable and thoroughly defined brand that will define your business (and profits) for years to come. 

All of our packages are designed to help you wrangle and uphold your brand story. That’s why your customers choose you, so help them do so. 

Learn more about Marketing by The Mann Group. 

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