Before one can lead others, one must first lead themselves. This isn’t some Hollywood proverb, it’s the foundation of leadership and our Mann U I course. Over three days, we establish each students’ leadership aptitudes and identify the best ways to adapt those abilities to their business.

The course also details the nitty-gritty aspects of your position as a manager or owner—like hiring, employee motivation, and communication—and outlines your approach for doing them well. Through experiential simulations, students practice their new techniques, ensuring they’re prepared to implement them back at their biz, where they’ll cultivate a new environment of accountability.

  • Understanding of personal leadership style
  • DISC assessment
  • Key strategies of effective leadership
  • Successful, replicable hiring tactics
  • Employee selection criteria -Interviewing strategies
  • Keys for motivating employees and cultivating accountability
  • Refined listening skills
  • Obstacles and tactics for effective feedback
  • Mastery of JWD (Job Worth Doing/Job Well Done)
  • Implementation support

Managers, owners, CEOs, ambitious employees


3 days



When & Where:

Mann U I Houston: January 13-15, 2020
Mann U I Houston: February 3-5, 2020

Mann U I Asheville February 17-19, 2020

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8 days a week