Making Customer Love Connections With Dave Hanson

We sat down with Dave Hanson of Jax Bicycle Centers at Interbike to talk about the Net Promoter Score methodology, and how he uses it in his store to build lasting relationships with his customers—or, more appropriately, his clients (he tells how to distinguish between the two). 

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Can we download these to avoid cell phone data charges if we listen to them while on the morning commute?

Hi Richard,

Although there’s not a way to download the podcast directly from the website, you can download them from other podcast platforms like iTunes and Spotify. Just search for Manndatory Listening on your chosen platform, choose the episode you’d like to hear, and download it (on Spotify, for example, there’s a downward pointing arrow that you click and turns green when it’s downloaded). This will allow you to listen to the podcast episode without using data, and you can un-download it at any time to save space on your phone.

I hope that helps!

One of the best podcasts I have heard and a exceptional explanation to the the merits of an NPS.
I wish there were a Jax Bicycle Center in my hood, I’d buy another bike!

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