Mann University Course Descriptions

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Foundational Leadership Class

Get back to basics with this class, 3-days filled with compelling insights on specialty retail leadership, retail tactics, retail profitability and small group interactions using our proprietary ORBT training methodology. Proven to be the most effective approach to changing adult behavior.

NEW** Sales Rep Training
Creating competent Sales Reps for your company is the way Manufacturers are going to sustain lasting relationships with Independent Retailers. In this 2-day course, you will learn the art of effective listening and what are the KPIs every Rep should know when visiting a Retailer. You will take away the art of influence skills, as well as how to communicate to close the sale.
NEW** Presentation Certification
Do you present to retailers, conduct Sales Clinics or present product to clients?  This first-of-its-kind course will create a confident presenter for anyone who finds themselves presenting to audiences. Learn in this 3-day course the six elements that create a good presentation and be prepared for your moment in the spotlight.
GEAR Sales 
Every day your employees are selling for you, but how do you measure their performance?  What are the metrics that tell you how they are doing in customer engagement? How do you set goals to increase your business and get the buy-in from each staff member?  Come prepared to review your sales goals and your employee’s performance against those goals during this 2-day course, plus an in-depth discussion of how to get to where you want to be in your market.
Trainer Certification
Do you find yourself in the tricky role of a trainer? The focus of this 5-day intensive course will be to certify you as a lead trainer at your store. You will spend 5-days going through our ORBT Trainer Certification program. You will also have a 12-month implementation plan for your store’s training program.
Buying and Inventory Strategies
Buying anything for your store is a science, not a gamble. In this 3-day course, we will talk over the science behind buying and Inventory management. We will explore the key metrics that allow you to forecast the inventory that is successful for you and uncover where you can take some risk.
Visual Merchandising 101

How do you move product in your store to keep it fresh? How often do you change your store’s look? What is the best way to display performance apparel? What are the key areas retailers need to look at every week to know how product is selling through? All of these questions will be answered in this informative 2-day class.

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