Ah, the student becomes the teacher. Mann U: Master Trainer is for high level, self-assured leaders (and Mann U I and II grads) looking to take their refined skills to the people—their employees, that is. In Mann U: Master Trainer, we turn leaders into influencers and visions into action plans. First, we define your loftiest intentions and establish the means to achieve them. Then we equip students with the tools (or rather, tool) to institute that mission comprehensively across their employees. That tool is ORBiT; it’s the secret sauce behind all our Mann U content, and we share our art with students in Mann U: Master Trainer. This intensive course also includes valuable lessons for next-level leadership like public speaking and multi-location management.

  • Builds on skills developed in Mann U I and Mann U II
  • Implementable skills for high-level management
  • Strategies for engaging public speaking
  • In-depth training in ORBiT, the methodology for adult influence
  • Tactics for multi-location management
  • Develops skillsets for implementing change across employees

High-level management, general managers, multi-store management


5 days



When & Where:

April 29–May 3, Asheville

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Working Hours

8 days a week