Recapturing Your Why

Take a Moment
By Tom Griffen
Starting the retail new year is like taking a giant exhale. January will be busy in its own right and springs just around the corner, but theres something to be said for putting a cork in the chaos of December. Congratulations folks, you did it. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Sort of like hitting the reset button.
Recapture Your Why
Think back to the day you opened your doors. Do you remember how you felt? Were you excited, confident, terrified? Did you feel up for the challenge? I encourage you to reflect back on what got you into specialty retail in the first place. Certainly it wasnt the big bucks or frequent vacations so why did you decide on this business? Does your why still motivate you to get up in the morning? If not, its time to reevaluate things. Everything about your business depends on your why. Recapture your driving passion! Its what is most attractive about your business. Lifes too short to spend time doing something that doesnt burn hot in your belly.
Intentionality Creates Possibility
Do you have a vision statementsomething that explains where you are headed and how you plan to get there? If so, make sure its still relevant. It might not be. If you dont have one, well, what are you waiting for? Get it done.
Your vision is an inspirational plan that states what you believe in. It comes straight from the heart. So many specialty environments have cookie-cutter versions of the same statement. They may sound nice, but theyre played out. In our current market, your business cant afford to be just great. Take things to the next level by publishing a vision that screams your intention to exceed the status quo and be absolutely amazing. Then do the most important partdedicate yourself to making it happen. Manifest greatness, people. Start today.

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