Sales Representative Benchmark – Where Do You Fall?

The most successful organizations in the world already know that hiring the right salespeople has the potential of becoming one of the most powerful secret weapons in their arsenal of competitive strategy. What you may not know is that hiring the right salespeople can be as simple as following a recipe based on recent findings from a study I conducted with over 100 of the outdoor industries’ leading sales reps. These findings confirm that top performing salespeople are similar in very specific ways.

 Understanding BAM

How many of you  like to “People Watch?”  The BAM analysis is a tool that allows anyone in this room to increase your emotional intelligence by observing your own behavior and motivators and then the behavior and motivators of the people you work with in order to become the most effective leader in your given career. 

BAM Looks at HOW People Do What They Do

o   How do you communicate?

o   How do you make decisions and process information?

o   How do you approach a task?

o   How do you review your world?

o   What motivates you?



In order to understand the results, we need to dive into the actual assessment. There are two areas of focus:


What is important to understand is that there is no right or wrong. In fact, everyone is right because it is their own individual footprint.

This is your Brain

When we begin to dive into the Behavior portion of the assessment, we look at the D.I.S.C. At a 30-foot view, this is your brain. The people who fall on the left side of the circle are the analytical; those who are prefer the right side of the brain are creative.


Four Quadrants





What’s That All Mean?

Diving evening deeper and breaking this up into 8 pieces of a pie gives greater definition and meaning.


These 6 motivators tend to be the motivators of the world.

GOAL: Discovery of truth and knowledge.
DRIVING FORCE: Their natural curiosity about the world is limitless. They find themselves asking questions about a variety of topics, even if the questions may be completely off topic from the situation at hand.

GOAL: Profit.
DRIVING FORCE: Every investment made needs to have a greater return in time, talent and/or resources.

GOAL: To assert self and be victorious.
DRIVING FORCE: To advance to the highest position in life and gain the greatest power; lead and direct others.
For this person, life is a chess game.
GOAL: Appreciation of the subjective experience and self-actualization.
DRIVING FORCE: To enjoy and experience the beauty around themselves and allow it to mold them into all one can be. This person’s actions will be driven by a passion for form, harmony and beauty within and without, extending to their clothes, possessions, surroundings and experiences.

GOAL: To eliminate hate and conflict in the world and improve the well being of others.
DRIVING FORCE: To invest one’s talent, time and resources into helping others to achieve their potential. This person has a passion to better humanity, to invest their time, talents and resources in helping the world become a better place.

GOAL: To search for and find the highest value in life or the greatest system for living.
DRIVING FORCE: To pursue the highest meaning in life.


We measured over 100 sales reps across the US. These reps were given to us by principles, manufactures and retailers in the outdoor industries as leaders in their current positions.


We asked “who are your best?”


There were so many of the sales reps that fell into the same places. The study revealed to us that the top performing sales reps are Persuader=Promoter. They are optimistic, flexible, verbal and trusting. These people are Utilitarian motivated. Let’s dive deeper into what this means.



Descriptive Words:

Good Mixer

How do you know if you are a Persuader=Promoter?  
How do you know if you have a Persuader=Promoter on staff?

Behaviors to Observe:
Drive: Visual, looking around, radio on
Decorate an Office:  Contemporary, memorabilia of experiences
Email Writing:  More wordy letters, warm people focus
Gesture:  A lot of big gestures and facial expressions when talking
Goal Setting:  Not good at goal setting, moderate risk taker
Rules: May not be aware of rules and break them unintentionally
Stand: Feet spread, long conversations, a great deal of tone variation in voice




Observing the behaviors of famous people in this category allows us to begin to understand the behaviors in a Persuader=Promoter.

Value to the Team

Optimism and Enthusiasm

Creative Problem Solving

Motivates Others Toward Goals

Positive Sense of Humor

Team Player

Negotiates Conflict

Verbalizes with Articulateness

Ideal Environment

Assignments with a high degree of contact with people

Tasks involving motivating groups and establishing a network of contacts

Democratic supervisor with whom they can associate (they want to have a voice)

Freedom from control and detail

Freedom of movement

Multi-changing work tasks

Areas for Development


Act Impulsively, Heart over Mind

Trust People Indiscriminately

Inattentive to Detail

Under-instruct and Over-delegate

Tend to Listen only Situationally

Rely too Heavily on Verbal Ability



It is one thing to talk to someone in the way that they like to receive information, but there is still room for conflict because we all approach life from what motivates us.



GOAL:  Utility and what is useful.

DRIVING FORCE:  Every investment made needs to have a greater return in time, talent and/or resources.

          If Utilitarian is the first motivator, many of their actions will be driven by investment and return of their time, talent or resources. There is almost always a little voice in the back of their mind asking, is this the smartest way to utilize my time, talent or resources?

    A person who is Utilitarian-motivated will require careers and activities that contain:



       Pay for individual performance

       Pay proportionate to effort

       Bonuses and incentives

       Ability to gain a rewarding return on investment of their time talent and resources

What if you are not a




       Everyone can play an instrument. For some people, playing/learning an instrument will come naturally or easily.  For others it will take effort and practice until it becomes natural. 

Sales representatives are crucial to the overall success of retailers and manufacturers.

We now have a simple recipe for identifying key behavior and motivators of the ideal sales representative.

 To find out where you fall, please take the complimentary BAM assessment: 

Thank you!

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