Strategic Planning

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get where you need to be.

Stop sailing with a broken rudder or hiking with an old map. Without a strong Strategic Plan, you’ll never navigate your brand through today’s brutal marketplace. We’ve conducted hundreds of Strategic Planning sessions across dozens of industries. The Mann Group will work with you to obtain measurable goals, comprehensive initiatives, specific and manageable timelines, and accountable employees with buy-in and loyalty.

Let’s chart your course.

We create and implement your strategy in three phases:

We immerse ourselves in your brand: listening, watching, reading and analyzing results. We call this “Sherlocking” (we’re pretty sure this isn’t a word, but you get the point).

Based on our conclusions, we create our approach. Together we secure buy-in to this approach throughout your organization and create the solutions and content you’ll need to make it happen.

Using our proprietary process (ORBiT), we rollout the plan with you—ensuring your strategic plan is focused on long-term success, not just a superficial lift.


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