Student of the Week: Dan Mann!

What inspired you to write ORBiT?
We’ve been at this for 14 years now. More and more of our clients ask us for additional ways to reinforce our processes. ORBiT has been at the core of our approach from the beginning. Internally we call it the “secret sauce” of why our training works and continues to attract new clients. I felt that the material was worthwhile and would have an audience. I knew that our existing clients could use it—and I believed that it would be good for me personally to discipline myself to actually do it!

Tell us about the process of writing a book. 
I had tried to write a book several times before, but couldn’t break through and get it done. This time was different. First of all, I began using a software program that is specifically dedicated to help you write in an organized fashion. I started by creating the “table of contents” and outlining the entire book. That was important for me because I had a better idea of what the finished product would look like.

Next I committed to write every morning at the same time (6:00 am). I made a deal with myself to write a minimum of 750 words per day—no matter what. That made the process “do-able” for me.

Finally, I found just the right music that helped me concentrate. Once I put my headphones in and sat in front of my laptop, all distractions were gone and I was able to make progress. Once I crossed the 20,000 word count I had momentum and it really felt fun from there on out. I just had no idea how hard of a process this was. Feels great to finish it.

What type of influence would you like to have on leaders with ORBiT?
I want leaders of all types to accept responsibility for the performance of their team. Enough of the idea that “they just don’t get it” or “they’re so lazy!” The leader that wins is the leader that gets results no matter what. No excuses. ORBiT will give this type of leader everything they need to break through and get those results.

Who should read ORBiT?
ANYONE who leads a team, supervises people or wants to. Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, coaches, trainers, sales managers, retail store managers, even parents!

What are your plans for the future, as an author?
Well, the last page of my book identifies that training through the ORBiT process is just the beginning. So, it looks like I have committed to a companion book that describes the process of maintaining excellence. One of our Mann U phrases we prefer is “Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied.” Maybe I’ll work on that idea. I plan to start writing again in the second quarter. Hey, I’m on a roll!

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