Student of the Week: Ellen Harwick of Superfeet


When did you first know you were on the right path in your industry?
One of my hobbies is carpentry. I love designing and building things, so when a display concept that I designed was prototyped and then placed at retail, I was pretty thrilled.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
Working with our marketing department to bring products to life.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned through Mann U?
I attended the class from the perspective of the brand, so listening to the pain points of retailers really gave me insight into how Superfeet can better serve them.

Give us one pointer for developing a genuine relationship with your customers. 
Since I am from the brand side my customers are the retailers, and I think that making sure you have an “easy button” so they can get what they need in terms of marketing support is key. Don’t make it hard for a retailer to promote your brand. You both want to see sell-thru!

Your bumper sticker would read, “I’d rather be… ___.”
Boating on Bellingham Bay.

What was your favorite part of working with the Mann Group?
My favorite part was watching Leslie assess, dissect and rearrange an area in a retail environment. She has great vision and I learned a ton just by observing her in action.


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