Student of the Week: Stuart Elgin of River City Bicycles

When did you first know you were on the right path in your industry? What’s your favorite part of your job?
Yesterday I helped a seventy-year-old man who just had his right hip replaced ride a bicycle for the first time in nearly sixty years. The sheer joy and happiness radiated off him like a burning sun. His confidence in his recovery went through the roof. These are the interactions that remind me I’m on the right path. Helping people change their lives through bicycles.

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned through Mann U?
Sports references are not universally understood (just kidding Dan!). But in all honestly, I gained a better perspective on how to communicate with employees about their behavior, specifically in JWD situations and focusing on activities not results.

Give us one pointer for developing a genuine relationship with your customers.
Be genuine. Love what you’re doing or change. If you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re not going to help yourself, your customers or your business.

Your bumper sticker would read, “I’d rather be… ___.”
“… on the mountain!” I’d almost always rather be climbing up something. Rocks, mountains, steep trail. Boots, skis or bikes. Give me a mountain and I’m at peace!

What was your favorite part of working with the Mann Group?
My favorite part of working with the Mann Group was getting outside of my comfort zone. Role playing, as silly as it seems at the time, is an invaluable tool for learning. It can open our eyes to our weaknesses as managers and gives us a safe, stable environment to make change. Just like athletics, we need to suffer a little bit to grow.

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