Top 10 Reasons To Shop Locally

The peak of holiday season and gift buying is upon us and the temptation to use your laptop or mobile device to purchase items online from far away lands has its upsides and its pitfalls. Small businesses are the backbone of your community….Here’s 10 reasons you’re better off shopping locally:

1) Learn more from professionals and get what you need
2) Support your local economy (more money stays and gets used locally)
3) Accessible and convenient maintenance
4) Take it home today
5) Avoid shipping fees
6) Try on, touch and feel
7) This business most likely gives back to your community
8) Preserves local community character
9) Keeps property values healthy
10) Feels awesome

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I agree also. Lots of discounts can be found esp. when you are observant in retail signage around the store.

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