Why Should You Do the U?

So, why should you do the U? The primary reason is this little thing called “leadership.”

When we developed Mann U years ago, it was a direct response to the lack of leadership we saw again and again in business after business. You can have great ideas and a great staff, but without equally great leadership, all you’ve got is a failing business.

The most important factor in a successful business is a comprehensive, coherent vision that’s effectively implemented through a perceptive leader. That’s both the foundation and the driving force behind every good business—and that’s what we deliver in Mann U. 

The proof is in the pudding—er, facts, really. Since we started Mann U as a three day course, we’ve expanded the program ten-fold: you can now host Mann U in your own city or store, or you can choose from a bevy of other Mann U programs, like Train the Trainer or Visual Merchandising. As for that original Foundations course, the classes happen around the country, year ‘round, and are consistently packed with the best brains in a dozen different industries and positions. 

Through it all, the objective of Mann U remains the same: understanding and fortifying your own sense of leadership, so that you can implement your vision through your employees and grow your company. 

“The most valuable lesson I learned at Mann U was how to have a productive conversation where both parties walk away feeling a sense of understanding and agreement. It has been extremely helpful for both work and day to day life.” –David Keleher, Next Adventure


Here’s what you’ll learn in Mann U:

  • Identify and refine your personal leadership skills and style
  • Tools for abiding hiring
  • Communication for effective change
  • Personality types and their roles in the workplace
  • How to productively deliver feedback
  • Understanding motivation and environment


  • Managers
  • Owners
  • Proprietors
  • Coaches
  • Anyone in a leadership position

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