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We’re the first to admit that we defy definition. Sure, you could call us a consulting firm, but that seems reductive. We do so much more.


Founded in 2003, we have impacted tens of thousands of leaders around the world. We help business and individuals get unstuck and out of their own way. We can help you plan a better roadmap, inspire your team, and develop a meaningful culture of accountability!

Todd Dalhausser: VF Corp Executive Team

"One thing the running industry is doing is hiring runners, not salespeople. Our staff already know the technical aspects of running. The education we needed was to focus on the overall salesperson and the skills it takes to outfit the whole runner. We needed to cultivate an experi-ence… Partnering with The Mann Group was the solution to our trust issue. The Mann Group is the impartial brand that educates all things retail. If we can find this education, we see a huge value in building strong relationships with our retailers and building upon those relationships. Strong retailers and staff ultimately give back to the running communities we all want to impact."

Karl Salz: Sun & Ski Sports

"We like to hire a lot of enthusiasts that are passionate about the activities that they do, but they might not be the most confident working with customers yet, and we have high expectations from a customer service standpoint. We rely on Dan to help us with our strategy. He’s more than a trainer, he’s almost like a partner or a consultant. knowing that we can rely on Dan to help bridge the gap between the decision to hire someone without experience or product knowledge, or with Dan’s help we can hire people who are passionate about their sport and have that built-in product knowledge, we can help them with their confidence, customer service. Hiring enthusiasts knowing we can get them trained and teach them how to interact with customers. He knows the industry, he’s credible, and he helps people pay attention to training.”

Stan Paoli: Sun & Ski Sports

I wanted to share how impactful your new book has been for me and my team. As I’ve mentioned we are going through it chapter by chapter on my weekly calls and I feel the team is really examining and starting to understand their role in leading their teams. I keep telling them we may never be Dan Mann (there’s only ☝️) but we should strive to be!
BTW I’m also having each SM watch the GPRI Myagi videos you put together for us. Sadly enough none of them knew they existed. Shame on us!
I wanted you to know the impact your having on out team.

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