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ORBiT: The Art and Science of Influence

Today, the ability to influence is one of the most marketable skills a manager can possess, and the ability to influence is vital for anyone who wants to accomplish their vision through others. It is especially required for anyone who has a worthwhile cause.

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Podcast:  The Other Side of The Mann

The Other Side of The Mann is a podcast about breaking down the science of emotional intelligence into practical skills you can use through your daily living.


Podcast:  Manndatory Listening

Manndatory Listening is a podcast about the hows and whys, dos and don'ts, and step-by-steps of leadership. We’re combining our own expertise—16 years of it—with that of leaders across dozens of industries to bring you applicable lessons for your own business and life. We're interviewing industry leaders and ourselves on the topics we know will make you and your business better. Put your headphones in, turn the volume up, and listen to topics tailored to you, from strategic planning strategies to pointers for reigniting your passion.


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