We've got a lot to say-That's why we made TWO podcasts.

And trust us, these are the things you will want to hear.

Manndatory Listening is a podcast about the hows and whys, dos and don'ts, and step-by-steps of leadership. We’re combining our own expertise—20 years of it—with that of leaders across dozens of industries to bring you applicable lessons for your own business and life. 

The Other Side of The Mann is a podcast about examining different perspectives in order to be the best versions of ourselves. At its core, leadership is about connecting with people. One of the most important and powerful ways to truly and deeply connect with others is by first connecting with yourself. Through challenging conditioned beliefs, we dive into emotional intelligence, leadership, and interpersonal connection, all to show you how to be the strongest and most powerful leader you can be. 

Listen to our podcasts and send us what you want us to talk about!

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