We are an achievement-oriented organization that guides other achievers to maximize effectiveness and vision. If you’re seeking the inspiration to change, learn or grow, we’re for you! People come to us seeking the tools and processes to change when they are frustrated; feeling a lack of effectiveness. We are here to help support those struggling to achieve their personal vision.  

Founded in 2003, we have impacted tens of thousands of leaders around the world. We help businesses and individuals get unstuck and out of their own way. We can help you plan a better roadmap, inspire your team, and develop a meaningful culture of accountability!




Dan is the founder and President of The Mann Group. He’s a highly pursued public speaker for Conferences, National meetings, and Trade Shows. He wrote is first book, ORBiT: The Art and Science of Influence, in 2017.  He’s recently completed his second book, LEADING CHANGE: How to Achieve Superior Results with Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied. He’s passionate about business leaders and helping them achieve their goals with a team. If he’s not speaking, teaching or writing, he’s probably talking to someone about bourbon or headed out in the camper!



Leslie is our resident human expert.  She is breaking down the science of emotional intelligence with our clients into practical skills to use through out their leadership careers.  From how to better understand yourself to regulating when you have been triggered, Leslie is on a mission to create leaders who have lasting impact. Check out her podcast The Other Side Of The Mann  to learn more about her. 




Hank has always had a passion for educating and coaching people. He further developed this passion in his time as a middle school teacher and coach of track and soccer. In 2018 he moved into his position here at The Mann Group where he gets to work with and teach adults who are eager to learn! His favorite part of getting to travel for work is finding exciting, local food to try. 


Makenzie Rink is a 2023 graduate of North Carolina State University. She received her undergraduate degree in communications with a minor in social work. Makenzie is an avid runner and will find any chance to get outside. In addition, Makenzie enjoys playing with her dog Finley, chilling at her local coffee shop and learning new things like line dancing.   


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