Tired of high hopes for your teams fizzling into disaster? Learn how to engage every member and create lasting success.

Are you frustrated with mind-numbing change management books full of impractical theories? Do you worry that taking charge of new responsibilities will be a dead-end road? Are you a visionary eager to make a mark on the world? With thirty-five years of retail leadership and twenty as a consultant with successful small businesses under his belt, Dan Mann has field-tested his winning formula to perfection. And now he’s here to help you leverage both past failures and achievements into vital tools for solving complex problems.

Leading Change is a practical and humorous look at how to ensure your coaching, entrepreneurial leaps, or work promotions pay off. Using his powerful Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied framework, Mann offers a realistic approach to the challenges that leaders face in order to crush previously impenetrable barriers and promote progress. And by putting his tactics into action, you’ll soon defeat old headaches while securing top-notch results from your current team.

In Leading Change, you’ll discover:

- How creating buy-in from participants will let you reap the payoffs you envision

- Ways to build a culture of accountability that turns hires into valuable assets

- Strategies for communication that transcend generational barriers and drive unity

- Diagnoses of common mistakes to mold them into stepping-stones toward effective transformation

- Step-by-step outlines, enjoyable personal anecdotes, real client success stories, insight into how to use metrics, and much, much more!

Leading Change: How to Achieve Superior Results with Gentle Pressure Relentlessly Applied is a relatable, entertaining handbook for anyone guiding a team to the next level. If you like simple-to-follow steps, engaging examples, and advice from the trenches, then you’ll love Dan Mann’s dynamic process. 

Results aren’t guaranteed, even on the most robust teams with the strongest leaders

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