Today, the ability to influence is one of the most marketable skills a manager can possess, and the ability to influence is vital for anyone who wants to accomplish their vision through others. It is especially required for anyone who has a worthwhile cause.
Dan Mann has developed an effective roadmap that increases influence. He calls it ORBiT, an acronym that means Optimized Reality Behavior Training. Here it is in greater detail:

Optimized: To carry out with maximum efficiency
Reality: Real or contrived situations without a script
Behavior: The range of actions by people in relation to their environment
Training: Improving one's capability, capacity, productivity, and performance.

It can be very difficult for people to change, learn, or grow.

Habits, doubts, and lack of discipline often prevent people from making the changes they seek.  So, I've come to the conclusion that people need help to achieve their own goals.  Adding this skill to your leadership approach helps you to achieve your goals - and helps others achieve their.

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