The Calm Before The Storm

rest resting

We have made it through Black Friday and Small Business Saturday just in time for the Christmas rush. But before we jet onto the next big rush, it is time to consider a rest.


If you have the same mindset as Robert De Niro, I would ask you to read Arianna Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution. Arianna believed she only needed a few hours of sleep, almost killing her.


Regardless of where you fall with the word rest, it is crucial to give ourselves space to slow down. I promise that ALL the things will be there when you come back. 


The word "rest" does not mean you have to go on a 10-day vacation or even take a weekend off. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. What if you consider an activity as a part of your daily regimen? It is hard at first to unplug, but it is possible. 


First, what is relaxing for you? Did you get flooded with ideas? Write them out whether it is a bath, meditation, a walk, laying in the sun with your dog, or taking a cat nap. Write down your ideas, and it will grow longer in time.


Now start with 10 minutes a day. Put it on your calendar and make an effort to do the thing that will allow you to rest. The first few times will feel foreign, so notice what is happening with your thoughts. What is the discomfort or thoughts you have while resting? Get curious about those and remind your brain of why you are resting. 


Arianna talked about putting her devices in another room an hour before bed. I have heard people talk about not checking their phones first thing in the morning as an act of staying unplugged. This form of relaxation is one of many ideas you can do yourself. 


Whatever this is for you, choose to rest before the next rush. Talk about this with your staff. How do they unplug? Get a list with all the ideas and post it in your break room as a reminder. 


Burnout is not a noble characteristic. 


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