What's Next?

If you have been following along for the last several weeks, we have talked about everything visual merchandising. From the story you tell, our visual merchandising senses, and the importance of numbers, we have broken it down step-by-step. 


That said, what’s next? 


It can be overwhelming to take in all this information and be unsure of what steps to take. That is where I encourage you to take a step back. Take the information we have given you, carve out time with your staff, and start with the story you want to tell. Openly talk about the vision and mission of your company and dialogue with your staff members about how that can look visually. 


From there, go into the finer details and logistics. Break down the square footage of your space and think about the placement of the product on your floor and where it will benefit best, just as Dan discussed last week


After you’ve established your story and used “the magic formula” to better explain that story, then start visual merchandising! From our senses to small changes such as layering clothes on mannequins, utilizing window displays, props, and much more, you can effectively create the space you want. Ultimately, engaging your customers. 


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Next month, we will be talking about managers and the role they play. Leslie will be introducing and discussing the core competencies. In addition, there will be activities for you to take part in to better understand your perception of managers and the perception of others. Whether you are an owner, manager, or member of a brand, next month will provide context for the relationships between industry members.


Thank you for tuning in this month! 


We will catch you all next week!


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