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At The Mann Group, we live and breathe training. It’s what brews our coffee in the morning and lights our screens at night. But it’s not just the training itself—although we’re always striving to perfect the art of influence—it’s how to get it into the hands of every specialty retailer, and every employee, in the country. Our training is proven and we want to share it with the world.
“Over the past decade, hundreds of bicycle retailers have been taught the GEAR process,” says Dan Mann. “We’ve traveled to all 50 states and have spent many days training thousands of students.” While in-house training is invaluable and we’d love to visit every bike store in the country, it’s not necessarily realistic for all retailers, especially given the dynamic manner of our industry. “The reality is that in the industry there’s turnover with staff, people come and go, and there’s alwaysa need to update and refresh this training. We want to make that as easy, affordable and accessible as possible.” Which is why The Mann Group is taking our GEAR training online!

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Beginning with our GEAR Bike Training, we’ll be providing access to our quality content, presented by Dan Mann, through an engaging, accessible, and most importantly, affordable, online platform. At The Mann Group, our priority has always been to facilitate excellent customer service in order to grow not only the retailers we work with, but the specialty retail industry as a whole. By providing a digital platform for our quality content, including videos and quizzes, we’re making this objective more accessible than ever before.
“It’s most important for people to get trained,” says Mann. “We want to make GEAR affordable and accessible to all bike retailers. The overall objective is to promote the best customer experience and to grow the bike industry. We want to have more people on bikes, and one way we can support the industry is through this new platform.”
By housing our GEAR training online, we can provide access to our time-tested and state-of-the-art training to retailers around the world. Companies we’ve worked with in the past can easily train the employees they’ve hired since we last met, and folks who are new to The Mann Group can effortlessly and economically incorporate our training into all levels of their workforce.
To bring GEAR to these new markets, we’ve paired up with Myagi, an established leader in the digital training sphere. “Myagi is a Workforce Learning Acceleration Platform that delivers the right training content, to the right employee, at the right time,” explains Simon Turner, co-founder of Myagi. “Think of it as a personalized pre-game huddle for every associate. We use thousands of points of data to create and curate content from vendors, expert associates and third-party industry experts like The Mann Group.”
By partnering with a vested team of experts in the digital industry, we’re able to guarantee not just our own quality training, but a quality platform too. “Myagi is the right partner for us. Their established track record, ease to use, accessible technology and international presence make them the perfect host,” Mann points out, and it’s a sentiment echoed by Turner. “The Mann Group’s tried-and-tested GEAR training is perfectly suited to Myagi, which allows tens of thousands of retailers and their sales associates to gain access to Dan’s training content, on-demand and at an extremely accessible cost.” It’s a match made in training heaven.
For those wondering what differentiates The Mann Group’s new digital training from the complimentary programs provided by manufacturers across the industry, the answer is simple: there’s nothing else like this. “With a ten year track record of being effective, it’s proven,” Mann says of GEAR. “It’s not another in a long line of online training—it’s unique, it’s proven, and it’s being used by hundreds of retailers successfully.” We know GEAR works, and with new online training, we’re finally able to bring all the unique benefits of the program to every specialty retailer out there.
“By no means is video training the complete process, but it certainly provides bike retailers with unique, consistent content,” Mann points out. “And when paired with our manual and poster and book, these retailers are outfitted with a full complement of resources to make sure their staff provides the best sales process possible. These are enough resources to effectively (and affordably) train their staff.”
At The Mann Group, we’ll always be a fan of good customer service. Now, with digital training on an easy-to-use, accessible and economical platform, good customer service isn’t a thing of the past, but the future.


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