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Excuse us, our age—and our expertise—is showing. GEAR is our most tried-and-true course, with roots that stretch back to our early knack for specialty retail. We’ve expanded our know-how into other spheres, but we remain true to our origins with GEAR: effective and implementable training for members of the bike, outdoor, and run (and coming soon, fish) industries.

GEAR, like many things at The Mann Group, is an acronym. The four-part system behind it is time-tested and proven to improve sales figures and profits. In fact, most retailers boast a top-line sales increase of at least 17% after employing GEAR.

The secret sauce is really simple: we reintroduce GEAR students to the core components of great customer service. Because it’s not heaps of technical product knowledge or loads of experience on the trails that gains—and keeps—your customers, it’s a gregarious and genuine staff.


Here’s what you’ll learn in GEAR:

The three components of training
Understanding and implementing your business’ goals
Vocabulary for genuine engagement with customers
Customer types
Selling strategies
How to handle objections
Developing lasting relationships with your customers

Specialty retail managers
Specialty retail employees
Specialty retail owners & proprietors
Sales reps
“I used to bounce all over the place during training of new and existing staff members; I am not a fan of public speaking so I tend to go fast and scattered. GEAR is a clearly stated outline to follow and has added structure and order to my otherwise ‘organized chaos training.’” –Adam Higinbothom, Pack Rat


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