The Achiever Part I

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In our work we usually engage with entrepreneurs and leaders who are striving to get more out of their teams. Their frustration usually focuses on the inconsistency they see among their team members. Our experience has been that there is a very small percentage of people in the workforce who actually show up each day with the same intensity and focus that you have. This is what causes the frustration. “Where’s the commitment?” “Where’s the hard work?” “Where’s the sacrifice?”

Look at it this way. Usually there are two prominent mindsets in the workforce: The Protective Mindset and the Achievement Mindset. Let me explain. 

The Protective Mindset is focused on protecting their job. These folks will do anything within their power to make sure they’re not fired. They never actually do anything consistently well. But as long as the boss is around, they show up and do (only) what is expected of them. The problem? The boss has to always be around… Because “when the cats away….” Remember, these people are only protecting their job. There’s no desire to do any more that is required. They’ll do just enough to keep the job—while bringing down the job standards (as long as you tolerate it!) There’s no desire to improve. No desire to learn. No desire to do more than is required. “Hey they don’t pay me enough to do that!”

The other side of this is the Achievement Mindset. The Achievement Mindset is motivated by setting goals and achieving goals. These folks are intrinsically motived. No one must get them up the morning! They have their own goals. The good news with these folks? If you keep them engaged with your vision/mission, they are very likely to accomplish their tasks without a lot of supervision on your part. Remember, they are motivated by achieving goals. 

 -You need new software developed? Tap the achievement mindset. They’ll  figure it out.

 -You need a new trench for new water lines—and they must be to code?  Tap the achievement mindset. They’ll figure it out. 

Here’s the problem: According to Jerry Bell of the Bell Leadership Institute, there’s probably only 8-12% of the population that qualifies as having the Achievement Mindset. 


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