The Achiever Part II

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 Here’s what we have decided: People with the Achievement mindset want to learn. They want to improve and they’re always looking for opportunities to contribute to something they believe in. They are motivated by achievement and we love working with them.

People with the Protective mindset avoid learning. They don’t see the need for improvement and look for ways to excuse themselves from self-development. As you read this, you may be thinking, “Wow these people with the Protective Mindset are terrible!” Actually no, they’re perfectly fine. But your management of them will be far more difficult as you must continually follow up, set punishments and rewards, and keep an eye on them. 

Here are the attributes of an Achievement mindset:

 -Creator. Someone who uses their creativity in problem-solving.

 -Producer. Gets today’s work done today.

 -Survivor. Fails well and gets up fast.

 -Entrepreneur. Always learning and looking for opportunity.

 -Team Builder. Not just a team player, but someone who actually takes  responsibility for the team. 

 -Integritor. Honest. Tells the truth and tells it well. 

Look for these attributes when hiring. It will make your life—and your business a lot better.


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