The Creator

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Let’s talk about the first component of an Achiever: The Creator. It may seem grandiose to refer to someone as “The Creator”, but let me put this into context. This is a person who is creative. They are expressive and love to create. This creativity could be expressed in many ways: Art (classic and modern), writing, design, gardening, math, organization, sports, cooking, gaming, puzzles, etc. The creator loves to bring problem-solving skills into their daily life. So whatever the artistic is, the creator is ready to bring that attribute into the workplace. 

- “Hey Pat, can you help us figure out the best way to organize our distribution center?”

 - “We need help with the website layout. Riley are you up for it?”

- “Creating this work schedule has me stumped. I would love some help,    Taylor.”

Look for the creator’s hand to be raised. “Problems? This is my jam!”

This person needs to be involved in the process and loves to be included in those areas where no one else seems to be able to help. Make sure you are paying attention.

So how do you identify this attribute in people you interview (or are already working for you?):

Remember this-Past performance is the best predicter of future performance. 

Don’t ask questions about the concepts of creativity, ask for specific examples of their problem-solving skills being applied, creatively, in the workplace or in their life outside of work. Here are some good questions to ask:

Tell me about a particularly difficult problem you had to solve.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

When you listen to them answer look for specific examples of:

  -Natural Curiosity

  -Sensitive and appreciative to colors, display

  -Enjoys Variety

One of the great advantages of working with a Creator is their Adaptability.

 -They respond quickly to obstacles and change

 -They see challenges as opportunities

 -They are flexible and patient in difficult situations

 -The Creator values outside the box thinking


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